Celebrating 60 Years: New Patio

Thursday Apr 23rd, 2015

Even though the weather has been less than perfect, we are still busy on the job!

Here is a project that is in process. You can see that there are some elements that are typical of the current trends in modern living, like the raised deck and a walk out basement. These present challenges as there are grade changes in relatively short spaces.

The patio is an hourglass shape, helping to define the eating and seating areas. Steps of repurposed stone blend with the barn foundation stone that is used for the walls to take up the grade. The selection of the concrete pavers with the stone is a good compliment and blends with the earth tones of the home!

Needless to say, the homeowner is ecstatic with the progress and is already adding to the project.

Designer: Lacie Luddy, improving your environment!

patio collage