Celebrating 60 Years: Needs Can Change

Tuesday Jul 7th, 2015

It's fun to go back and look at the projects that we had worked on and see how they may have changed over the years.

This photo is from August of 2004. The owners wanted to improve the image of the home and make a great presentation for their visitors.

MVC 017S

I was driving through the neighborhood looking at another job and the homeowner was out working in the yard. Here's how it looks today! Great repetition and color throughout the landscaped and a beautiful meandering paver walkway creating interest to the front door. The timber wall had been replaced with stones and the tired trimmed shrubbery replaced with more natural materials. Standing the test of time is the standard of a landscape the fits the owners needs.


And, needs change. I visited with the owners of a home on West Lake Road last night and we had installed a patio and landscaping 22 years ago. Now the kids are grown and out of college and they want to stay in the home and give it a fresh look. The patio still looks great and they want to expand it with a firepit and additional privacy in the yard. It's gratifying to be working for the same families for almost a quarter of a century.

We've been improving Erie's environment for 60 years!