"The Renaisance Garden" on Old Millionaires Row

Friday Jul 10th, 2015

"The Renaisance Garden" on Old Millionaires row was designed and installed by Dahlkemper Landscape Architects.

Designed to encompass an evolution of different English garden styles, the Diefenbach Garden on 6th street starts with a formal gated entrance allowing a view down the axis, past the tiered fountain to the Fish terminus at the end. There are six primary garden areas starting with a mosaic pastel flower garden flowing into the formal rose and lavender hedge garden.

The central garden is the most saturated with reds, purples, and oranges surrounding the multi-tiered fountain. The axis continues through a sunken event lawn and terminates on the Fish anchor. The fourth garden is a vegetable garden that flows through the rose garden and ends at the shade garden.

The plantings were designed to bloom from spring to fall, are all edged with a formal boxwood hedge, and surrounded with a privacy screen. Other major elements of the garden include symmetry; primary, secondary and tertiary pathways; formal stone edging and garden statuary. This is truly a garden to enjoy for many years to come day and night.