Celebrating 60 Years: Dynamic landscape - 2003


Saturday Mar 28th, 2015

This home demonstrates dynamic elements. Dynamic means that its always changing. In these early spring days it still gets dark early and the coordination of the house and landscape lighting is an area where a landscape architect can be a great asset. The lighting changes the way that the landscape is viewed so its an important element for aesthetics and for safety.

Additionally, this photo shows the brightness of spring bulbs. In this densely deer populated area, daffodils are the only way to go. Tulips will just feed the population. And what and outstanding job they do as they glow in the evening dusk. The areas where the daffodils are planted are also filled with perennial flowers that will fill in as the dafts fade. A dynamic combination and a dynamic look!

Celebrating 60 years of improving your home environment!

dynamic landscape


Thank you so much for the beautiful backyard. I have been enjoying it so much! My "magical" lights still delight me and no further news from neighbors. The whole effect in the yard far exceeded my expectations. You and Mike did an outstanding job!

Thanks Again
Rose Weber

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