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Celebrating 60 Years: Victorian Garden, Chautauqua, 2002

Tuesday Mar 31st, 2015
Following the garden concept theme, here is a view from a wonderful garden we worked on in Chautauqua. This view is just across from the entry into the main gate. Privacy was important as the outdoor living area is just at the end of this walkway.

Celebrating 60 Years: Garden Concepts

Monday Mar 30th, 2015
A great garden will usually have a strong concept. An idea or a feeling that you want to evoke. With our homes we have a style, Colonial, Victorian, Mission, Cape Cod, Queen Anne, Contemporary, Farmhouse, Greek Revival…or one of many styles that we can describe.

Celebrating 60 Years: The Future

Sunday Mar 29th, 2015
The future looks bright when there are nature loving children growing up who love the flora and the fauna of the Earth!

Celebrating 60 Years: Dynamic landscape - 2003

Saturday Mar 28th, 2015
This home demonstrates dynamic elements. Dynamic means that its always changing. In these early spring days it still gets dark early and the coordination of the house and landscape lighting is an area where a landscape architect can be a great asset.

Celebrating 60 Years: Westbury Ridge

Friday Mar 27th, 2015
Strong Houses call for strong landscapes. This spring photo shows us what we are ready for.

Celebrating 60 Years: University of Pittsburgh at Titusville

Thursday Mar 26th, 2015
In 2000 we were asked to come to Titusville and work with the University of Pittsburgh Physical Plant to develop a plan to tie the campus together. The campus was split by Walnut Street and talks with Titusville officials was favorable for closing the street and making the campus more cohesive.

Celebrating 60 Years: Spring Flowers

Wednesday Mar 25th, 2015
Sometimes you just have to use your imagination to bring color to springtime on a day like today!

Celebrating 60 Years: Zen Garden

Tuesday Mar 24th, 2015
Gardens can create meaning in our lives and evoke a memory or association with people or places. Sometimes it a person, like associating lilacs or roses with your grandmother. Or it could be from a visit to a place like Japan.

Celebrating 60 Years: Orientation

Monday Mar 23rd, 2015
Today is spring orientation for the crews of Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors.
Each spring just prior to starting the season, we all get together and review the company mission and vision.

Celebrating 60 Years: Make the most of what you have, Patio Renovation - 2009

Sunday Mar 22nd, 2015
Part of the design process involves the needs of the client… this is called the Program. The program is your wish list of your need for space and the types of activities that will occur. How do you live? And how do you want to live in your home and landscape.