Celebrating 60 Years: Front Renovation 2010


Sunday Apr 19th, 2015

This front renovation project incorporated a new paver walkway with an outdoor foyer that gave a strong and distinct approach to this lovely couples home. The colors and pattern reflects the rhythm and styling of the home architecture.

The planting here is refreshed from a much overgrown scheme. I have a tendency to incorporate as much spring color as I can into the front of the house. Face it, by this time of the year, we are usually pretty tired of cold grey days and are in the mood for something warmer and brighter. There is nothing like spring flowers to lighten your step and put a smile on your face. The front yard is the best place to do this where everyone can see it!

If your house is a distance from the street, then use bright colors. Here the reds are repeated in different areas and it makes a strong repetition that ties the composition together.

walkway 2

walkway 1

Improivng home environments for 60 years!


Thank you so much for the beautiful backyard. I have been enjoying it so much! My "magical" lights still delight me and no further news from neighbors. The whole effect in the yard far exceeded my expectations. You and Mike did an outstanding job!

Thanks Again
Rose Weber

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