Celebrating 60 Years: Gardens as Art


Thursday Mar 12th, 2015

Gardens as art. Gardens are a sculptural art that you can enjoy by moving thru them. The spatial delineation and the modulation of these spaces are one of the subtle elements that help to make gardens so enjoyable. The manipulation of these elements, particularly the spatial elements can make a great garden.

Other elements of great design, rhythm, repetition, contrast, texture, and color can help to strengthen and effect different emotions. Beyond this gardens are dynamic, and change, over the years, each season, daily with the weather and even during the day as the lighting or exposure shifts. The wind and the wildlife further enhance our experience.

Here is a garden caught in a moments demonstrating the beauty and warmth of a hazy summer day! Garden as Art and Art of a Garden! This painting is on display at the Erie Art Museum until March 15. Celebrating 60 years of improving Erie's environment!

garden art


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with the job that both Tony & Gene did on our landscaping at our house. They were always there when we needed a question answered or a problem solved. We appreciated their attitude and would highly recommend your organization to anyone.

Thank You
The Kleins - Pat & Rick

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