Celebrating 60 Years: Granny Murphy’s House


Friday May 8th, 2015

This classic residence in Glenwood was one I can remember from growing up as a boy. We used to drive by or work there, and it was always know as ‘Granny Murphy’s House’. It may have been one of the first contracts that dad had.

I don’t believe I have ever met Mrs. Murphy, but I believe the reference is meant with affection of a sort - the way that nicknames were given to different characters employed with Dahlkemper Brothers: Banana Legs, Big Dad, Stick and Dancing Bear to name a few.

One of the first jobs I had, or most any trainee had, was to pick up clippings on one of the trimming crews. Fortunately, I could ride along with ‘Dancin’ Bear’, my Uncle Jimmy, and worked alongside him. Having been in the Army and seen some of the world, I would find his stories fascinating. He could talk as fast as he could trim. You can still see the wave in this massive yew out by the steps. And Dahlkemper Landscape is still trimming that shrub and taking care of the property. And an Irishman still lives there!


Helping to improve your environment for 60 years!


Krista and I would like to pass on to your crew that we really do enjoy our front yard. We have found people stopping by to look at it as if it were a piece of art, of course we know it is. It has made a big difference in our enjoyment of our home. We will highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Jim Strafford

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