Celebrating 60 Years: Make the most of what you have, Patio Renovation - 2009


Sunday Mar 22nd, 2015

Part of the design process involves the needs of the client… this is called the Program. The program is your wish list of your need for space and the types of activities that will occur. How do you live? And how do you want to live in your home and landscape.

The next part of the design process is analysis. What do we have physically in the way of opportunities and constraints. Thing like inventory of existing items, solar orientation, exposure, grading and drainage, type of soil, etc.

This photo shows the existing conditions where a client wanted to relay a patio and started picking up the pavers.

patio 1

The designer then prepared some options to meet the owners needs and requirements. Using their design skills they impart elements that will help to reinforce a concept that will respond to the clients sense of aesthetics.

This picture shows the clever reuse of the brick pavers as walkway and border the the complimentary concrete pavers used for the main field of the patio. This gives the owner a larger outdoor living area. Note the smooth lines of the walkway and the strong curve of the patio developing a stronger visual. Also, the garden now surrounds the patio for better enclosure.

patio 2

This other view of the existing patio gives a completely different perspective on the project. Part of the designers charge is to consider the project from all angles.

patio 3

The after view shows the improvement including a little bed separating the patio from the back of the garage, making it feel like more of the yard and as a transition from the hard wall of the garage. The two different types of pavers work well together and are still warm and smooth.

patio 4

Improving your outdoor living environemen for 60 years!


Krista and I would like to pass on to your crew that we really do enjoy our front yard. We have found people stopping by to look at it as if it were a piece of art, of course we know it is. It has made a big difference in our enjoyment of our home. We will highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Jim Strafford

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