Celebrating 60 Years: Native Trees & Shrubs


Wednesday May 6th, 2015

In this backyard border, native trees and shrubs were utilized to attract wildlife, especially our feathered friends. Thea attraction is further enhanced with the feeding station. Serviceberry, amelanchier canadensis is in flower with lacey blossoms that will result in an edible blueberry-like fruit. Butterfly bush and perennials like iris and daisies add further attraction and color.

We are blessed with this song of spring.

IMG 5898

And we are helping to improve the environment still, since 1955!


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with the job that both Tony & Gene did on our landscaping at our house. They were always there when we needed a question answered or a problem solved. We appreciated their attitude and would highly recommend your organization to anyone.

Thank You
The Kleins - Pat & Rick

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