Celebrating 60 Years: Rain Garden


Monday May 18th, 2015

Spring rains have been bountiful this year and it keep rain in the news. Rain Gardens are a Best Management Practice for helping filter the water from rain before it gets back into our water supply. We designed and help to install a rain garden at the Whole Foods Coop.

Friday evening there was a workshop at the Whole Foods Coop sponsored by Environment Erie who provided some funding for the installation of the Rain Garden. There were brief presentations about what a rain garden is, how they work and native plants.

Here is Kaitlyn Vitale from Environment Erie supervising the activity in the rain garden.

IMG 5999

Here is the final result from the efforts of the volunteers. As you can see, it is right outside the window of the new cafe.

IMG 6001

Go Native Erie contributed a number of native plants to the effort and it is a good improvement, adding green space in an urban environment and improving the water quality in an area that was mostly paving.

We are continuing to improve the environment of Erie, since 1955!


Thank you so much for the beautiful backyard. I have been enjoying it so much! My "magical" lights still delight me and no further news from neighbors. The whole effect in the yard far exceeded my expectations. You and Mike did an outstanding job!

Thanks Again
Rose Weber

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