Celebrating 60 Years: St. Jude’s the Apostle


Sunday Mar 8th, 2015

St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. In this before picture from 1991, you can see why. The lot at the corner of 6th and Peninsula Drive was the former home of ‘Fun Town’ and was a wreck. Buildings were demolished, rides were torn down, the wave pool was broken up and buried.

noname 15

Since we are in the Lenten Season, I will inform you that Father Kriegel assigned me this project as penance for being a landscape architect in his parish. Just kidding, Hank. We worked together to discover the possibilities of beautifying the corner of the property.

Here is an after picture from 1992.

noname 16

Another view from west 6th Street across the corner property.

noname 17

Here is a view from peninsula drive form this last fall, 2014. The trees have grown and matured. The mound formed by the wave pool equipment is a prayer garden and the park looks as good as ever. A bell tower designed by Ed Kern, an architect parishioner, is the focal point of the park.


Improving Erie’s environment for 60 years!


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with the job that both Tony & Gene did on our landscaping at our house. They were always there when we needed a question answered or a problem solved. We appreciated their attitude and would highly recommend your organization to anyone.

Thank You
The Kleins - Pat & Rick

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