Celebrating 60 Years: The House on Saybrook Drive


Tuesday Jan 6th, 2015

Yesterday and Today! This home was built in 1980 by Bud and Barbara Bracken on Saybrook Drive. The house was strategically located to preserve a large maple that was part of the old Griswold estate. Young Dan Dahlkemper sketched the intent of the landscape for the Brackens. Years later the maple came down in a storm and a new tree was planted to replace it.

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Here is the home today as it was purchased by Dr. Joe and Darlene Nedresky. The home was added onto the east end and the landscape was renovated. The new tree has grown, the bank trees are trimmed for the lake views, a path was added that takes the owners down to the lake, and the original intended aesthetic has been preserved over these past 35 years!

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Krista and I would like to pass on to your crew that we really do enjoy our front yard. We have found people stopping by to look at it as if it were a piece of art, of course we know it is. It has made a big difference in our enjoyment of our home. We will highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Jim Strafford

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