Celebrating 60 Years: The Story Continues


Friday Jan 2nd, 2015

The gardening tradition is deeply rooted in the Dahlkemper Family. This is a photo of the Eckerd house on South Shore Drive from the mid-1930s where Christ Dahlkemper was the groundskeeper. J. Milton Eckerd, who founded the Eckerd Drug Stores, lived here and thought highly of Gramps, and gave him a car so he could get back and forth to work rather than walk from 26th and Cherry. The photo was taken about the year my dad, Chuck, was born.

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We have helped to maintain the look of this home at 1830 South Shore Drive, home of Atty. Jim and Jamie Antoun. A major landscape renovation was implemented in the late 80s, separating the shared driveway, renovating the walkway and planting beds. The classic look of this property has been well maintained by the current owners. The tradition continues.

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Krista and I would like to pass on to your crew that we really do enjoy our front yard. We have found people stopping by to look at it as if it were a piece of art, of course we know it is. It has made a big difference in our enjoyment of our home. We will highly recommend you to all of our friends.

Jim Strafford

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