Three Questions to Ask When Choosing a Landscaping Company


Thursday Nov 13th, 2014

There are many reasons to consider landscaping your home. Not only does it boost the attractiveness of your property, it increases the value of your home and makes your time spent outdoors with family and friends more enjoyable.


Deciding to landscape your property is only the first step. The next step is selecting the right landscaper for your needs. So, how do you choose a reputable landscaper who will get the job done cost-effectively and professionally? How do you know it’s a trustworthy company? The decision is important, because making a mistake and choosing a landscaper without doing some research first can lead to property damage that is difficult to repair.

Keep these questions in mind when you begin your search for the perfect landscaper:

How long has the landscaper been in business?

Often times, the longer a landscaper has been in business, the more experience and knowledge it can offer. This doesn’t mean that a newer landscaper won’t be able to provide quality work and a high level of professionalism, but a company that’s been around for a long period of time is obviously vested in the industry and capable of doing work the right way. Our advice is to seek out a landscaping company who has been working in the industry for many years and has the skills needed accomplish both your short- and long-term objectives.

What are their areas of expertise?

Not all landscaping companies offer the same services. Knowing a landscaping company’s full range of capabilities will help you select one that can help you bring your vision to life. For example, if you envision an outdoor living space with a pond, you’ll need to find a company that is capable of both landscaping and hardscaping. If your property has a large number of trees, it will be important to find a landscaper who understands arbor care. Perhaps you’re a business owner and interested in landscaping services for your company. If so, you must find a landscaper who offers commercial landscaping design services.

Other landscaping capabilities may include:

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Plantings
  • Water Features
  • Landscape Management
  • Lakebank Stabilization
  • Holiday Lighting Services

A high-quality, industry-leading landscaper will offer most, if not all of these services.

What kind of skill set does their landscaping staff have?

A landscaper who invests in its staff and their skill set is the landscaper you want on your project. Look for a company with experienced team members who have received appropriate training and are highly knowledgeable about various types of plants, trees, soil, and even diseases and pests commonly found in your geographical location. Specialized skills are also important, and leading landscapers will be staffed with individuals who are specifically schooled in things like landscape architecture, arbor care, and landscape design.

In addition to a diverse range of skills, a highly qualified landscaping company will be responsive to your needs, accessible, willing to answer any and all questions, and professional and courteous at all times. Trust your instincts. If you call or meet with a landscaper to discuss your personal options and their answers to your questions aren’t satisfactory, move along and find someone better suited for the job.



Thank you so much for the beautiful backyard. I have been enjoying it so much! My "magical" lights still delight me and no further news from neighbors. The whole effect in the yard far exceeded my expectations. You and Mike did an outstanding job!

Thanks Again
Rose Weber

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